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Cover it in Quality
Agriculture Covers

Gorilla Tough Demo Tarps

  • Rugged RFL (rubber coated ballistic nylon)
  • 8 double reinforced loops made with 10,000# TS webbing
  • 10,000# TS webbing edges for added strength
  • Available in rust color
  • Call now to order


Refuse Tarps

Refuse tarps are available in many varieties: Roll-Offs, Rectangles, Expandable, Tapered, Hand Tarps, Compactor and Diapers.

Lumber Tarps

  • Triple Thick Hems - for increased durability
  • Rot Resistant Thread - prevents failure do to weather
  • Rust Proof Grommets - ensure the integrity of the tarp
  • Hand Sewn right here in the USA
  • UV Treated - lasts longer in the sun
  • Tear Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • 18 oz. vinyl
  • Available in various colors